What Clients Say

Bec amazing and accurate not only did my recently passed mum came to visit. Her mum ,dad and also someone else we can’t pinpoint yet - visited (a party going on).

One example I was told by Bec was that I have a photo of me holding  mums hand.  😳 I was like arrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh yes. (I took the photo about a month ago in hospital while mum was sleeping).  Mum said to me put it in a frame because it won’t be forever. My besty has already organized to have it framed. 

Recommending bec is a understatement. 🥰🥰 this is the photo below.


Diarna. D (Australia)

I am still walking around in a daze after the most incredible reading today. After weeks of emotional turmoil, I now feel a sense of calm. Astoundingly insightful, refreshingly humorous, but most importantly directly and accurately to the point. Thankyou Bec, I cannot wait to see you again. 

Jenny. M (Australia)

I asked Bec for a reading not long ago. I am humbled by her sight and sensitivity. She connected with the only person in Spirit I am willing to connect with, which made me feel loved. She gave guidance laced with humour and understanding. It was all about me and my choices, which is what I needed to hear the most. I would absolutely recommend Bec when looking for divine guidance.

Nush. C

Bec is eerily accurate and where others may skim over the details, she sees them all. Bec is honest and precise. She is an incredible teacher too. Bec will push you to reach your potential. She will help you shine the light on the darkness and while you are standing there facing yours, she’ll help you strip back what you no longer need in order to begin to heal and be the very best version of yourself  you are meant to be. She does this with love and compassion and has a great sense of humour too! I cannot speak more highly of Bec. I truly love everything about her. No one compares!

N. C ( NSW)

I was always a sceptic, but not anymore. The messages I received from my loved ones were exactly what I needed to go ahead and move on with my life. Also just hearing from them all knowing that they are with me all the time and keeping tabs on me, males me feel at peace. Bec is an amazing woman and has been 100% accurate with everything she has told me from the other side. I will go back to her for more readings when I feel I need to resolve my issues in life. The guidance from her and loved ones is priceless.

Dianne. B (USA)

On the 28 Feb 2017 – (The weekend just gone), I was assaulted by a security guard. I took video footage of the guard’s ID numbers. In the coming days I reflected on why I had taken a picture of the numbers and not the entire person, and it was then that I recalled  some numbers I had scribbled down on a piece of paper after having a reading with Bec. The numbers I had been given by Bec were 627, the same numbers of the Security Guard. Clearly someone was looking out for me, knowing what was going to happen. I was lucky and only hospitalised for a short while following the incident.

I have no doubt that Nanna and my father were talking to bec the day I had my reading.  Each piece of information she gave me has come to fruition.

Bec has a real and genuine gift and as a previous sceptic, I am grateful to the powers to be, that have fatefully brought her into my life.

Bec you have a true gift, the specifics you gave me in my reading are impossible to fake. You are a delightful person and a treasured Medium. Please keep doing what you are doing.

I would not hesitate in recommending Bec for a genuine and personal experience.

Sharon. Z (Melbourne Australia)

I had a reading with Bec last week and it was a great reading. What can I say? She’s amazing! In a good way she made me cry, I was so impressed I am booking a reading for my sister.


Thankyou Bec

Lolita (New Zealand)

I had the pleasure of witnessing Bec’s amazing platform work at the Wangaratta Spiritualist Centre and was extremely impressed with not only her readings but her messages and teachings of love. I want to thank Bec for helping me connect with me, as I had temporarily lost my way. Such a beautiful Soul.

Kylie. O (Wangaratta Victoria)

I have had two readings from Bec over the last few years. Both times, she has been so incredibly accurate, (Scarily So!) amazing, insightful, and just the most beautiful spirit to have read for me. I am now recommending EVERYONE to connect with this incredibly gifted soul! Life changing!

What came through in my first reading has continued to amaze me with the depth and insight she was able to give. My second reading was amazing! Thankyou Bec for your gift … your compassion, your wisdom, and for sharing with me and many others.

Bella. JR (Melbourne Australia)

This woman is AMAZING!! Had a 1 hour reading. Absolutely worth it and more! So much information. So accurate and precise. An amazing gift to be sharing. Thank you so much! I highly recommend Bec to anyone 🙏❤️

Chloe. S  (NSW Australia)

I got a reading on your live post the other day.. you said that I will have a lot of opportunities coming up and also international traveling for work.. I didn’t really believe that..

I’m a support worker and 2 days later I got 2 calls from companies wanting to hire me, and then today I had a meeting with a photographer (I do photography on the side) and he has offered me a position with his company and he said there is interstate and international traveling involved..

So bizarre as soon as he said that I was like WOW!!

you are absolutely amazing at what you do and honestly I never thought I’d have an opportunity to go interstate or international for work. I’m so shocked that you were right!!!

Deffs recommend 😀😀❤️

Tiffany. F

I had the opportunity for Bec to read for me. She is very insightful, accurate and calming. I was thoroughly impressed and would (and did) recommend her to others.

Sharon. WP (USA)

My friend and I went to the Walk with Spirit Mediumship tour at Beechworth Asylum What a great night it was, full of nervous giggles and occasional screams. I cannot wait to do it again and thank Bec for a very interesting and informative night. It all ended way too soon.

Alie. B (Australia)

A beautiful person, empathetic and very compassionate.

Bec knows her stuff, has fantastic energy and builds rapport with people who watch her banter.

Bec’s readings are spot on and extremely accurate. Bec is understanding and will make you laugh, funny girl.

I thoroughly enjoy Sunday evenings and learn something new every time.

Thank you Bec for sharing your gift with us. You are amazing.

Aimylia .L  (Sydney Australia)


I was searching for something. I thought it was somewhere totally different and Bec pointed me in the right direction. 

She was spot on and fantastic. I will be InTouch with her again. No hesitation.

Sonia .O (Australia)

I was struggling to deal with the recent passing of my father but after my amazing reading with Bec, I found myself much more at peace. I had so many unanswered questions and was missing my dad so much. Bec was able to find the answers I needed and feeling a connection to him through her was incredibly comforting. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart Bec xx

Janine. M (Melbourne Australia)

Bec I want to thank you for an amazing reading this week. it really hit home and was just what I needed to hear. thank you for your sensitivity and understanding. I feel like you got me in one. What a gift you are. thank you x

Julie. A (Melbourne Australia)

I have had the pleasure of watching Bec work on numerous occasions. Her insight, and mediumship is of the highest quality and the love and care that is shown is genuine and honest. A reading with Bec, will not disappoint and will truly leave you pondering over the words of wisdom. One of the best readers I have encountered. Don't hesitate to contact Bec, you will be greeted by a warm, caring and considerate character. One of the best, with a true and unique style. Reminding us, to always be yourself!

Jakie. S (UK)

A few weeks ago while watching Bec, the spirit of my deceased uncle came through. He died as a child, over 70 years ago. During the chat, he indicated to Bec about marbles, a blow out tyre and writing on a car as well as the letter w.

As I am still processing some of this information, I visited a friend i haven't seen for some time, only to see a jar of marbles on his buffet....a bit freaky  then when questioning mum she said her two brothers would've played with marbles growing up. She added they also played Chinese checkers of which she has.

My brother, not aw

are of any of this, checked his tyres on the weekend, only to discover one of them was flat. If he had of driven off, it most definitely would've been worse.

Thank you so much Bec for connecting me to a boy I've only ever heard about. It has been amazing.

Liz. L

Bec is a fantastic reader and so accurate all the time and she is a funny person.

David. W (Australia)

Bec was spot on! I only got a very quick reading off her but she was extremely right about everything and every little detail! Thank you Bec


Carly. R

I have numerous medium/Psychic readings from Bec Campbell from 2012 to 2020. Bec Campbell has always been very professional, honest and extremely accurate. She most certainly has a gift! She has shown kindness to me and has helped me follow my path. She is an amazing spiritual teacher and a book of knowledge. I cannot recommend her highly enough .

Melissa. C (NSW Australia)

Bec is a talented soul whom I admire and respect on many levels. She is an accurate medium, a respected Shaman and the keeper of a highly evolved crystal skull, Simon. No matter how you work with Bec, I believe you will be happy with the outcome.

Emily. K (Melbourne Australia)