Book Review: 

Earth Mother Dreaming
by Scott Alexander King
Earth Mother Dreaming.png

Years ago, I found myself in Mexico City, in the company of the great Mayan Elder and Codex expert, Hunbatz Men.

So many questions I could have asked him whilst in his presence on that day, but only one question I had a burning desire to know. ‘How DO YOU become a Shaman?’

Much to my disappointment and frustration, when I did have the opportunity to ask him, he simply ignored me! Three times in fact.

(it is customary to refuse a student three times!)

A few days later, with temperatures racing well into the high 30’s, we were at the ancient city of Teotihuacan.

I was standing by the bus, In the shadow of the great Pyramid Of The Sun, when suddenly , Hunbatz looked out from under his broad brimmed hat and muttered the words ‘Observe your world and all that exists within it’.

Earth mother dreaming By Scott Alexander King is perhaps the most complete concise and competent literary work on shamanistic history, ritual, and practices; that I’ve seen in a very long time! From learning how to make a Medicine Drum, to Dream Catcher construction and Wiccan/ Pagan rituals, this book is a journey into self and one that will leave you nothing less than inspired. Earth Mother Dreaming combines the ancient knowledge of many indigenous cultures, into one modern day setting, A step By step easy to read lesson guide, where you leave your ego at the door and step forward into a world of learning grounding and growth. You cease to become the reader and become the Student! From wiseman(women), to Medicine Man (woman) to warrior! The journey is yours for the taking.

Revised and updated, with a new Tarot chapter, the author provides the tools necessary and the focus required, for anyone to be awake in a world that is so often asleep.

‘Be aware If your world and all that exists within it ‘

Earth Mother dreaming is the definitive text for anyone wanting to learn Shamanism! Be awake be aware and be quick to order your copy of this amazing book! It won’t disappoint!