Bec Campbell is one of Australia’s most sought after psychic entertainers.  With over 25 years professional experience and a lifetime of connecting with Spirit, Bec’s readings are conducted in an intimate and personal setting and all information received throughout the reading remains private and confidential.

While Bec does take utmost care to be as empathetic as possible, her readings are matter-of-fact and no filters are applied.  What ‘Spirit’ wants you to know and how ‘Spirit’ relays the message to her is exactly how Bec will deliver the messages to you, her clients.

“Bec Campbell is a brilliant Medium, with excellent evidence of survival.  In my 50 years of Spiritualism, I’ve not seen a better Medium”Reverend Mandi Stone.

Many people reaching out to Bec also enquire about what a reading entails and what is to be expected during their session.  The answer to this is that no two readings are alike.  As Bec is both a Psychic and a Medium, she draws upon both elements of working with Spirit to provide her clients with the most accurate, clear and concise information and guidance possible.


$250    1 Hour - Face-to-Face Mediumship Reading
$150    1 Hour - Mediumship Reading via Zoom

$85       30 Min - Mediumship Reading via Zoom

$60       30 min Psychic Reading (No Mediumship) via Zoom

$25       One Question Psychic Reading (15 Mins ) via Zoom

Gift Vouchers are available for all reading types

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What is a Psychic?

A Psychic primarily utilizes their own psychic intuition to connect to spirit and receive information about someone’s past, present or future.  Information gathered during a psychic session may include facts previously unknown to the Psychic and may encompass anything from the general well-being of a person to their relationships or employment status.

What is a Medium?

Unlike the Psychic, a Medium’s primary role is to validate proof of survival.  During the session, the Medium will connect with the ‘Spirit’ that has present and profile them.  Once profiling has successfully provided enough evidential information (how they passed, what they looked like, their name, age, etc.) the Medium will proceed to retrieve information directly from them for the client.  This information can be anything from a simple ‘Hello I’m here’ to messages of love, hope, guidance and support.

Bec Campbell - Australia's Own Psychic B