Book Review: 

The Journey of Life after Life
by Scott Alexander King
Book Afterworld by Scott Alexander King.

As a Psychic Medium of over 30 years, my job essentially is to prove that life exists beyond death.

Where the souls of the deceased cross over into the 'Afterlife', and where they are then able to reach out across the veil to connect with those left behind.

For those that are left behind, the death of a loved one can ultimately destroy them. Some never get over it, and those that do remain so often with fear in their minds and grief in their hearts. They may not talk about it and they may not show it, but in the quietness of their own minds inner peace, they most often try to make sense of just how the person they once loved so dearly is suddenly gone.

In 'AFTERworld, the Journey of Life after Life', author Scott Alexander King, springboards off the back of his own grief and personal experiences to shares theories and beliefs surrounding what happens when we die. In this 176 page book, many of the questions surrounding death and dying come up for review as the author delves into the underworld and the overworld to bring us (what I consider), the most in-depth collection of questions and answers pertaining to the death and the afterlife, that has been presented thus far.

From grief and the dying process, to the Veil, Heaven, Reincarnation and the Journey Of the Soul, AFTERworld brings to the reader the topic that all of us have feared at one time another, and that all of us inevitably sometime in the future must stand alone and face for ourselves.

If there is one book I believe should be on every shelf, it's this one!

Death is a confronting subject at the best of times, yet somehow thought the ease of his pen and the grief that sits in his own heart, Scott Alexander King has created 'AFTERworld' The journey of Life after Life and a text that somehow making it so much less daunting for us, his readers.