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Author, Humanitarian, Barber and Keynote Speaker, Bec Campbell is one of Australia’s most sought-after Psychic entertainers.

With her androgynous dress code, funky body art and inspirational stage presence, Bec’s messages from the afterlife are both eerily accurate and a testimony to her loyal, caring nature.

Having received her gift as a fourth generational Psychic Medium at an early age, Bec’s choice to work professionally with Spirit did not occur until the early 90’s, when upon his passing, her grandfather appeared to her in a full spirit apparition.

Over the last several months, I've been conducting LIVE mediumship shows online.  They've been well-received by attendees and participants.  As a "plus", I've recorded these sessions and put them up on YouTube. The button below will take you to my YouTube videos.

If you'd like to attend/participate in an upcoming "Barber Banter" event, please contact me via my Bookings/Enquiries page for more details.

Barber Banter 


"Death Doula" Talk

In addition to my mediumship work, I am an "End-of-Life Facilitator".  Here is a video of a talk I gave describing this important work.  The video begins with music, the presentation begins at 5:13.


“I have known and worked with her for many years and would be happy to recommend her as a professional working Medium/Clairvoyant.

Her passion and commitment to her craft and her ability to demonstrate proof of survival is amazing. She would be an asset to anyone seeking to have her on the platform.”

Jackie Staples (Melbourne Australia)

Bec Campbell - Australia's Own Psychic B