Pieces That Have Gone Missing

It will take time to find the parts of you gone missing .

It will take time for you to love once again the parts of you that have been sacrificed , belittled and destroyed for fear of never being good enough.

You have for so many years fed all those demands placed upon you by others.

And turned your back on the one needing it


Change is eminent and your time to shine once more is near.

That face you see staring back at you each morning - when did you learn to despise her so much?

Was it in the arguments and confrontations , where you were told you were useless and not


Or was it in the bitter bite of a fist or a palm

Or a grasp so tight you were left hiding bruises for days yet to come?

Physical or mental , the cause matters not.

For you are broken and lost in a world not of wonderland where there seems no escape, no beginning and no end.

Each day you tell yourself something new will come.

And each new day you are burdened with another battle another fight.

You’ve become so exhausted - mind body and soul.

But you keep on going.

When the odds seem stacked against you , you continue raise your sword and continue to fight.

What else can you do?

Those that say they have your back ... when the fight begins they choose the other side or stand by you only as long as there is a promise on the table.

Rarely anymore will anyone do anything for a handshake and a smile.

So you go it alone warrior woman , you go alone breaking bridges and mending them.

In trying to regain some sense of control - you then have to face the judges and the juries in a dance of political unjust.

But this dance will someday come to an end and you will change the dance track and pick a new dance.

You will someday stand in your power and realise the bullies and deceivers , they were the lessons that made you the amazing person you are today.

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