Chasing the Wind ...

Once upon a time, there was a little Penguin named Charlie. Charlie was smaller than all the other penguins in his family; but Charlie was different because he was a dreamer.

When all the other penguins were doing their day-to-day chores, Charlie was ' away with the fairies' ... his mom would say!

When the other penguins were fast asleep ... Charlie was dreaming about being big and strong, like the great sea eagle Shekinah.

One day Charlie was standing on the shoreline of his island home, when he spotted the great Shekinah flying high up in the sky. Ohhhh how he wished he could fly like her. He wished he had big strong wings that he could spread out wide. Strong wings that could lift him high into the air. Amongst the clouds and souring with the wind... Charlie was a dreamer and there was nothing more exciting to him that to dream of wonderful things.

One day Charlie was again watching the great Shekinah when a little mole jumped up from his burrow.

"What are you doing penguin?" he asked.

Charlie looked to the ground to see the little Mole staring up at him.

"Oh, I am just watching the Great Shekinah. I do wish I could fly like her." Charlie said with a sigh.

"She is so strong, and she can fly anywhere she wants to."

The little Mole scratched his head for a moment, a look of confusion on his little face.

" But you’re a Penguin,” Said the Mole.

"Yes" said Charlie. I am just a Penguin.

Again, the Mole scratched his head!

" But you are the strongest swimmer in the great Ocean," Said the Mole.

"You can go anywhere you want... You can fly faster than the wind and for longer distances than the Eagle will ever go."

Charlie looked down at the little mole once more and realised the little Mole was true. He realised that he was a strong swimmer, and that his family swam for many miles, sometimes weeks at a time to get food for the colony.

"I am Strong too?" said Charlie!

"Sure, are said the Mole... King of the ocean I would say... as he spread his short little arms out to his side in a wing like fashion.

"King of the Ocean", said Charlie.

"King of the Ocean!" said the Mole.

With that, Charlie leapt into the air, and with a double backflip later, he was soaring through the waves. Up and over, under and around, Charlie swam faster and faster, deeper, and deeper. Before long, Charlie felt like he had imagined the great Shekinah had felt like.

He then realised that sometimes what we already have, is exactly what we have been dreaming of.

Sometimes we look everywhere except within ourselves, for that dream, or for that missing part.

Although he wasn't the great eagle Shekinah, Charlie realised with the help of the little mole, that he was just as good, he just had to see it and believe in it!

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